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An (Unoffical) Naruto Application: Everything you need to know about the Knucklehead Ninja

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On October 10th, 1990 (or at least I assume, because the first episode of Naruto was in 2002, and since he was 12 then, I did 2002-12) in the outskirts of Konohagakure (village hidden in the leaves), a baby was born to Kushina Uzumaki, and the newly named Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. Seconds after Naruto was born, a masked shinobi attacked Kushina because she was the Jinchuuiki of the Nine-Tails, Kurama, and the seal that held the Nine-Tails was weakened because of Naruto's birth, and the monster fox was released upon the Hidden Leaf. Taking action, Minato teleported the beast to the outside of the village, and him and Kushina split the Nine-Tails and sealed half in Naruto, and the other half in Minato, before the demon was sealed, he killed Minato and Kushina, and in their dying breath put some chakra in Naruto's psyche so when he needed it most, they'd come in his mind. Minato's wish was that Naruto was one day seen as a hero, and eventually, he will be, and within, 20 minutes of his birth, Naruto was orphaned.
Soon later, the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi stepped up and made a law that no one would mention that Naruto was the jinchuuriki of the Nine-Tails.
Years pass by, and as years pass by, Naruto does more and more stunts to become noticed because he doesn't have parents or peers to give him positive attention. (Naruto is like this; he's quite loud, boisterous, and unorthodox because he never had anyone to tell him otherwise, he also never grew up with honorifics or manners, so that's how he gets his nicknames, like "Granny Tsunade," or "Bushy-Brows." Naruto also has this friendship that everyone is almost attracted to, he's a very kind person, and as Iruka describes it, "knows human suffering," alright, back to the story). Everyone is scared of Naruto because they're afraid of the Nine-Tails, and so Naruto is shunned by the whole village. Soon after, he was inducted in the Ninja Academy by Hiruzen so he can have a positive influence, and Iruka Umino was the man to do that job. At first, he took advice from a fellow teacher that he should just "leave Naruto alone because he's just trouble." And after Iruka sympathized with Naruto, he realized the pain he goes through.
More years pass by, (Naruto is 12). Naruto has a dream to become Hokage so everyone in the village would acknowledge him. Naruto also wears an orange and blue jacket with a white collar, with the Uzumaki crest on the sides and shoulders, and orange pants with sandals, he also has goggles on his forehead, which'll change soon. Naruto fails the graduation exam for the third time, upset, Mizuki, a rouge ninja who wants power, told Naruto that if he learns a jutsu from the Forbidden Scroll, he would graduate, and become a Genin, so he takes the scroll and learns the Shadow Clone/Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu. Iruka catches him, and learns what Mizuki said, and Mizuki appears and tries to kill them. But it doesn't work, and you're hit with the feels in Episode 1. Naruto then uses his IMMENSE chakra reserves to summon 1,000 shadow clones, and beats the shit out of Mizuki, and graduates, getting the Hidden Leaf Village Head Protecter.
Naruto is then put on a team with his love interest, Sakura Haruno, the last of his kind, Sasuke Uchiha, and the "copy ninja" and their leader, Kakashi Hatake. They go on a mission to protect a bridge builder, and gets attacked by a Seven Swordsman of the Mist, Zabuza, and his partner Haku (the greatest trap). Some stuff happens, and everyone is fighting, except Sakura. And it seems like Sasuke dies to protect Naruto, and Naruto unleashes some of the Nine-Tails' chakra in order to defeat Haku. And it's this mission, where Naruto begins to develop and prove his nindo, (or, his ninja way).
When they come back, the Chunin exams start, and Kakashi enters Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura in the exam. So, they go through the first exam, (a test), and go through the Forest of Death (the second part of the exam). And it's time for the Preliminaries. Naruto goes against Kiba, and wins, and advanced to the Semi-Finals, Sasuke wins too, and Sakura gets in a draw with Ino.
Before the Semi-Finals, Naruto goes train with Ebisu for chakra control, and meets and goes train with Jiraya, his godfather, (but he didn't know). There, Naruto trains with Jiraya and learns to to use the Summoning Jutsu, and how to tap into the Nine-Tails' chakra. He uses the Summoning Jutsu to summon Gamabunta, (a sage summon, also a giant toad) to avoid a near-death experience. Naruto then goes on to fight Neji Hyuuga in the semi-finals and helps Neji realize there's more to "destiny," and how you form your own destiny, and wins after a struggling battle, also something to note is Neji blocks off all 64 chakra points with his special ninjutsu, 8 Trigrams 64 Palms. And Naruto still has chakra. Then Sasuke shows up, some stuff happens, and the "Destruction of the Leaf" plan begins. Stuff happens and Naruto goes to beat up Gaara, who is now becoming the One-Tails, Shukaku. He summons Gamabunta, and they defeat the One-Tail. During this, Hiruzen sacrifices his life to take Orochimaru's jutsu away, oh yeah, Orochimaru is a bad guy.
So, Jiraya and Naruto look for Tsunade, one of the three Legendary Sannin, and ask her if she wants to be Hokage. She decline, and Naruto is upset, they go outside to fight, and Naruto uses his W-I-P move that Jiraya taught him, the Rasengan. It fails, and Tsunade makes a bet with Naruto; if he can master they Rasengan, she would admit that he is fit to become a Hokage some day, and give him her necklace, ad so he trains. At the same time, Orochimaru makes a deal with Tsunade; if she recovers his hands, he'll revive her fiance and brother, and gives her time to think it over.
Tsunade makes a trap to trick Orochimaru, and his henchman, Kabuto sees through the trap. Tsunade and Naruto fight Kabuto while Jiraya takes on Orchimaru, here, Naruto reveals his signature attack, the Rasengan, and beats Kabuto. So Tsunade becomes Hokage, gives an unconscious Naruto (Kabuto attacked him during his Rasengan), her necklace.
Time goes by, and Sasuke runs away to train Orochimaru (I'll skip the Sound Four part).
Naruto finds Sasuke in CM2 form, and fights him, and eventually unleashes Nine-Tails Chakra but get piledrove from a mountain, and goes into "One-Tail Mode," where Naruto has bubbling red chakra around him and a significant boost in speed and power, and frankly, beats Sasuke's ass, until Sasuke goes into his emo bird form and they have their signature Rasengan-Chidori clash. Naruto passes out, and Sasuke runs away, time passes and Naruto goes to train with Jiraya for two and a half years.
Three years later, Naruto is 15, and returns to the Leaf, with an orange and black track jacket with the Uzumaki crest on the back, orange pants, and a black and silver head protector. He meets with Sakura, and they do the bell test again with Kakashi and pass. (Gaara is captured, but we won't go over that because it's pretty unimportant besides the fact Naruto gets another tail on his cloak).
So Team 7 reunites with Yamato, Naruto, Sakura, and Sai, (because Kakashi is hospitalized). And they look for Sasuke, but they they Orochimaru and Kabuto on the bridge, ad Orochimaru provokes Naurto, pushing him to 3-4 Tails, and Yamato stops it. They then find Sasuke and have a nice little reuion
[akatsuki stuff happens]
Jiraya is killed by Pain (former student), and word gets to Naruto and he falls in a quick depression. He then goes to train at Mount Myoboku and gets Senjutsu, or (Sage Jutsu/Art). Oh yeah, Pain destroyed Konoha, and when Naruto goes there to fight Pain, he's like "oh no." He then proceeds to give the Paths of Pain multiple Ls before the Deva path is left (almighty push, universal pull, that one). And he takes an L. Hinata comes in, takes a fat L, and makes Naruto go nuts, going into 6 Tails mode, and giving Pain an L. He is then trapped in rubble that Pain's jutsu made, and he decides to release the seal that is trapping the Nine-Tails, but is stopped by his father, Minato (note, this is in Naruto's mind). So, they talk, and Naruto then gives Pain the biggest L. He then goes to find Nagato, and finds him, hears his backstory and gives him a powerful speech about his nindo and how he will change the shinobi world.
[obito starts war]
Naruto is unaware of this, and is sent to where Killer Bee (Eight-Tails Jinnchuriki) is. They train chakra control over Kurama, Naruto fights his evil side, and Naruto gains KCM. (Which in case you didn't know, if fucking overpowered).
[more war stuff happens]
Obito takes control of seven of the nine jinchuriki, and Naruto befriends the Nine-Tails, learning his name is Kurama, and gains KCM2, which is like KCM, but better.
[more war stuff happens]
Naruto and everyone face off against Obito, who absorbed the Ten-Tails, and became OP. After defeating him, Naruto gave him one of his powerful speeches then Madara became the jinchhuriki.
He "kills" Naruto and Sasuke, but they actually get a buff from the Sage of Six-Paths, Hagaromo, and are basically even more OP.
So, Madara is killed, by Zetsu, and is turned into Kaguya. Naruto and Sasuke seal her, and Sasuke goes crazy and wants revolution, so Naruto and Sasuke fight, they do their Rasengan-Chidori clash, and lose their dominant hand, after being restored, they undo the Infinite Tsukunomi and everything is good. Kakashi is named Hokage, and Sasuke is put in, then let out of jail, and they go their separate ways.
Naruto then proposes to Hinata, and they get married and have a shit kid, named Boruto. And Naruto becomes Hokage, and his dream, is fulfilled.
Here's some specifics: [the only thing i got from narupedia]
Age: 17
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 112 pds.
Affiliation: Konohakague, Mount Myoboku, Allied Shinobi Forces, Uzumaki Clan
Occupation: Hokage
Jutsus: Big Ball Rasengan, Big Ball Rasenshuriken, Boil Release: Unrivaled Strength, Clone Body Blow, Clone Spinning Heel Drop, Combination Transformation, Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall, Erupting Propulsion Fist, Fire Release: Toad Oil Flame Bullet, Frog Kata, Frog Strike, Gentle Step Spiraling Twin Lions, Harem Techique, Hurricane Thunderclap - Majestic Attire Sword Stroke, Ink Creation, Mini-Rasenshuriken, Kurama Arm Attack, Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu, Naruto Uzumaki Combo, Naruto Uzumaki 2K Combo, Negative Emotions Sensing, Sexy Technique, Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, One Thousand Years of Death, Pachiko Technique, Parent and Child Rasengan, Planetary Rasengan, Rasengan, Regeneration, Sage Art: Lava Release Rasenshuriken, Sage Art: Magnet Release Rasenshuriken, Sage Art: Many Ultra-Big Ball Spiraling Serial Series, Sage Art: Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken, Sage Mode, Scorch Release: Halo Hurricane Jet Black Arrow Style Zero, Sexy Reverse Harem Jutsu, Shadow Clone Jutsu, Six Paths Sage Senjutsu, Six Paths Yang Power, Six Paths - Chibaku Tensei, Six Paths: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken, Sprialling Aborption Sphere, Spriallig Strife Spheres, Summon Technique, Super Mini-Tailed Beast Ball, Tailed Beast Ball, Tail Beast Ball Rasenshurike, Tailed Beast Full Charge, Tailed Beast Rasengan, Tailed Beast Shockwave, Torii Seall, Truth-Seeking Orbs, Typhoo Water Vortex Technique, Ultra-Big Ball Rasegan, Ultra-May Spiralling Serial Spheres, Wind Release: Rasengan, Wind Release, Rasenshuriken, Wind Release: Repeated Rasenshuriken, Wind Release: Toad Gun, Wind Release: Toad Oil Bullet, and Wind Release: Ultra-Big Ball Raseshuriken.
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So we basically need to kill jounin 20 hrts 1 time to get genin lvl 😛
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wow why is this not accepted yet ?
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i like your profile pic;
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