What are Team Wars?

~ A Team War is when two teams fight each other.
~ Team Wars are only available on Fridays to Sunday, you can challenge other teams throughout the whole week.
~ One team has to challenge another one, and the other one has to accept and the war will occur on the upcoming Friday.
~ The leaders of the two teams that will fight have to place Ryo as bets, for example 10000 Ryo each, and the winner of the war will get the total amount that was cashed in.
~ The War has to be a 5v5, cannot be less, cannot be more. If for example only 3 members from one team are online when a Team War is about to start, and the other has all 5, it will either be a 3v5 or the team can choose to forfeit and lose the Ryo that were cashed in.
~ Hosters will be hosting these Wars, both leaders of the teams that are going to fight have to tell me before Friday that they're going to fight each other, and give me the Ryo. The war cannot be held before I've gotten the Ryo from both leaders.

How do I create my own Team?

You can recruit members in any way you like, post a thread about your team on the forums, ask your friends to join, etc. Keep in mind that you have to have 3 - 6 members to challenge another team.
All you have to do to make your team official is to tell me the name and the leader, your team will get its own little sign and mark in the new "club room" at spawn!